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How to upload covers on the site
1. Go to appropriate category on the site.

2. Click Search this Forum on the right and input label of your disc. If such disc is not found, then create new topic.

3. Type label of the disc into the topic name with accordance to the rules (including dashes, spaces and punctuation).

4. Tom Jones – The Best (1997) – name, then surname, then dash, then caption of the album and then year of the issue.
Beatles – Revolver (1966) – if the band has article «The», do not type it.

5. You can post up to 4 covers in 1 post (message).

6. Next you need to duplicate label of the disc in the newly created message and write any your comment.

7. To add files (covers) to the message, press «Manage Attachments» -> «Upload File from your Computer» -> «Browse», next select cover on your local computer. Select up to 4 covers and press «Upload» when finished. Close Attachment Manager window when uploaded. When the message is formatted with accordance to these rules (see items 5-6, especially) click «Submit New Thread». That's all! First cover(s) uploaded, the thread created.

8. You may upload other covers of the same disc to the subsequent messages below in the same thread by using button «Reply».

9. Firstly, newly uploaded covers stored into attachments. After a while, they will be moved to the site base and you will be scored with bonus.

10. If the cover is uploaded in violation of the rules. than later it will be removed and scrapped bonuses.

11. You may publish the disc track lists, a brief description, a mini-reviews. 31.10.2012 17:51

1. Quality of cover must not be less than 300 dpi

2. Cover at least 3000х2000, knurl (circular) at least 1400x1400, Blue BD Case 3173х1762, jewel front (cd-box front) at least 1400х1400, jewel back (cd-box back) at least 1772x1394

3. Do not be artificially drive up to 300 dpi!

4. Covers with sizes less than mention under item 2, will be removed!

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