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По умолчанию How to download covers from the site

To download willing cover, press on its preview in order to open gateway page where the cover could be downloaded:

The preview is shown in the upper left cell.

The upper right cell contains description of the cover (width, height, size, format). Press "DOWNLOAD THIS COVER" link to save the cover on your computer (or using Right-click context menu from the link).

How to download several covers from one message?

In that case all covers are saved under the same name. To fix it you need to rename files manually when saving.

Limitations for downloading of full-sized covers

The more good covers you UPLOAD, the more you can DOWNLOAD.

- Guests cannot download covers
- Registered users can download 5 covers every day
- Users who uploaded 1 cover, can download +2 covers every day (generous coefficient is 1:2!)
- Uploading covers must meet the rules
- Previews can be downloaded without any limitations


If you get this error: wrong usergroup on forum. It means that you did not activate your account. So, please check your mailbox and spam folder for message with activation code/link. If you did not received such message, please write to Admin. вне форума  
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